Built from the ground up for Android, ConnecTV can be embedded directly in all Blu-ray players, Digital TV sets and set-top boxes which support any flavour of Android.

Designed for consumer electronics

Search and browse for TV content from thousands of websites, the home area network, IPTV and Digital TV. Just input what you want to watch and have Home Jinni find it for you across all Media sources.The easiest to use on-demand client and PVR.

Unified TV

ConnecTV comes integrated with popular Social Networks as sources of media, including Facebook. ConnecTV lets you communicate and share media with your social networking friends.

Social TV

Discover, aggregate and search all media in the DLNA home area network and your Apple AirPlay enabled devices. Just enter any information about what you are looking for and find it in the home and on the Net. Play media on any DLNA and Apple AirPlay compatible device in the home.

Home Network

ConnecTV includes a rich framework for bringing Video Calls, Telepresence and IM to TV sets. Plugins include IMS RCS, Skype and Facebook Chat.

Unified Communications

ConnecTV extends Android as the application framework for unified search, discovery and aggregation of media content and for unified communications on TV sets. Examples of plug-ins that can be rapidly developed are: Network IP Camera Controller/NVR, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Video Conferencing, P2P media sources, etc.

Android TV Framework